kuroeko asked: Hello! Once you get this, you must say 5 nice things about yourself publicly and then send it to your ten favourite followers!

oo1 i like my eyes 

oo2 i can be pretty funny sometimes!

oo3 i am very hard working and loyal

oo4 i have a lot of compassion towards people (until they betray that kindness)

oo5 when i put my mind to it, i can do just about anything.

my haul from vacation in SF! forgot to include my DDC long wallet (and all the candy i bought eheh)
Ben bought the JSK for me as an early birthday gift !! he was really cute and said he really wanted to surprise me with something but was too worried i might not like it, so we chose this one together.

kuroeko asked: My name is katherine and I really hope to see you next year too! It sucks that she's one year my senior :( but we both got into lolita together last year near winter break (goodbye New Years money) she's totally sweet while I have yet to find my path (bordering on classic but I am a huge sucker for gold and deer) my first jsk is coming soon! It is the chess story les printemps frill jsk! I am so excited as I have everything else already c:

awh hopefully you guys will stay in touch after she graduates :) and congrats on your JSK!! that is -such- a cute print. i love using metals in my coords, especially gold and silver! i think they are such a nice accent and make coordinates look even more elegant. it’s also great that you have direction in your wardrobe (gold, deer), as it’ll make it more cohesive and easier to create new outfits.

for instance, my wardrobe is kinda all over the place, while my friend Kristen’s wardrobe has a berry theme and everything pretty much goes with everything. i envy her for that!! it’s also very easy to fall into the trap of buying new dresses but not having enough basics (blouses, hosiery, shoes etc) - that was me the first few years i got into lolita. even now, i still struggle with that XD


kuroeko asked: Hi! I think you're that sweet lolita my friend was telling me about who met you at daiso in Cupertino! I wish I could have met you, you are so pretty and sound so nice !!! I was unable to go to the cherry blossom festival or else we may have met. ( she's Laura and I'm her friend, a beginner lolita, too)

ahhhh hey there!! awh Laura is so sweet, she really made my day when i met her! you’re very sweet as well, thank you for the compliments :) what’s your name? i’m Jessi, it’s very nice to meet you :D

i was so so happy to see Laura again at CBF, sorry i missed meeting you in person though! maybe next year. congrats to you both :D <3 it’s really wonderful that you have each other while starting out in lolita (: 




oh my godddddd there is a new swedish reality tv show where they are tracking down internet trolls and confronting them about the death threats they’ve sent to people, since it’s actually illegal.

watching them try to explain how it’s not them is the best entertainment i’ve ever seen.

this episode ended with them fining him 5000 SEK to be paid to the victim!

guess what America should do

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"Playoff hockey, you can’t say enough about it. It’s the best time of the year."
Ben took this photo while i was trying to balance my parasol on my hand, haha. we visited Muir Woods before going to the Cherry Blossom Festival last Saturday. it was very interesting wearing lolita while hiking!
even though i had to deal with some rude individuals there, i met a super cute group of 4 older ladies that spotted me while Ben and i were about to leave. it&#8217;s easily the best comment i&#8217;ve been given while wearing lolita:

Lady A: excuse me, miss? i just *have* to flag you down about this. (her tone is harsh and she is literally waving her hand in the air at me)
me: (in my mind) great, here we go.. (walks over to the group of four)
Lady A: now, i just have to tell you&#8230; that you look absolutely fantastic. may we look at your dress? where did you get it from?
me: wow, thank you very much! the brand is from Japan, and the print on the dress is carousel themed, with gold accents, star buttons, and different types of lace&#8230;
Lady A: it&#8217;s just wonderful. i wish more ladies dressed like you nowadays. a lot of us are happy to have seen you today.
Lady B: and the trees are happy, too!

finding things you could use for a cosplay like

chiibiusa asked: i would love one! (: Jessi!


Je m’amuse - Caravan Palace

Electric Lady (feat. Solange) - Janelle Monáe

Soundtracks and Comebacks - Goldfish

Scrub Me Mama With A Boogie Beat - Swing Republic

I Know That He’s Mine - Caro Emerald

thank you! <3

hello kidney: my search for a kidney transplant



My name is Victoria. I’m a twenty five year old college student. I model and run a fashion blog. I live in Connecticut, where I’m dating a great guy and play kitty-mommy to two tuxedo kittens. This is my tumblr about my search for a kidney transplant and organ donation.

Although a blogger…


Jackie as a care-free teen? Doesn’t get much better than that. Jackie played hooky nearly every day in high school while still maintaining an A+ average, a very clever boy. I’ve decided to keep Matthew Broderick in the movie as a side character. If his acting wasn’t so shitty the movie would’ve been a hit!
Here’s to you JC!

Anonymous asked: I was just wondering if you dress in Lolita all the time or is it just an occasion thing? Do you ever get funny looks or comments? And does your boyfriend mind?

hi there! (:

I was just wondering if you dress in Lolita all the time or is it just an occasion thing?

i wish i could wear it every day! i try to wear it as often as possible. so for things like vacations, i try to wear it at least half the trip (: when we went to SF, i was able to wear it most of the days i was there! i also like to try to wear it on my days off from work. very rarely when we have special events at work, i can get away with wearing a toned-down coordinate. for instance, next week we have themed days for clothing, and one day is 50’s inspired, so i’m going to wear this JSK: http://lolibrary.org/apparel/lady-gingham-jsk

Do you ever get funny looks or comments?

it does happen pretty often, haha! most of the time it’s positive. when i wear it alone, i tend to block everything out, good or bad. most of the time, i do this because i don’t want to deal with anyone or let them try to ruin my time out. however, if i’m with my friends, i get super super protective, so i try to listen and make note of everyone. if someone says something rude to my friends i call them out on it. my friends are very important to me, as is wearing lolita. i want my friends to feel totally safe and happy when wearing it in public, and honestly it gets me very angry when strangers are rude to us. another thing that happens often is getting my photo taken without being asked. i solve that by taking a photo of the person in question. that tends to get my disapproval across very quickly!

here’s an exchange that happened when Ben and i were walking to the place we were staying in SF:

rando dude: Let me guess.. Little Bo Peep?

me: nope.

rando dude: Cinderella?

me: nope!

rando dude: Alice in Wonderland?

me: nope!!

rando dude: Damnit! ::walks away::

Ben and i laughed all the way back to the apartment, hahah.

And does your boyfriend mind?

i’m very lucky that he doesn’t mind at all, and i’m incredibly grateful that he is very supportive. he’s not a big fan of OTT sweet, but we’ve been dating for about 2 years so i think he’s gotten used to it, haha! he likes that i have a hobby that i am passionate about, and he sees that it makes me very happy (: 


gachupo asked: Hey!! I met you at the sf cherry blossom festival, we took a few pics together! I was wearing the glasses and had black curly hair

hello hello!! :D <3 i hope you enjoyed the rest of your day at the festival (: it was so nice meeting you!

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